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Be the change, be the leader, be YOU! Giving your power away will only hurt you in the long run.

You are the power- YOU


If you do that- how can you still claim to be who you are? Have you lived here on earth to reform your intellectual behavior so others will like you?! STOP! Nobody will tell you to your face if you are worth their time, but they will act fake, seem fake and as an empath know down in the soul level. The clock is ticking and their is a

What’s your next move? It has taken years of experience, levels of pain and heartache, ebb & flows to create who you are today in 2020. Hear with your heart and listen with your eye (s). The world around you will look, feel, sense more different than before- but #FREEWILL IS YOUR SOVEREIGN RIGHT. IF you are doing good but others don’t recognize it- they are doomed NOT YOU. So chin up, armor of God on, AAMichael on your side - YOU ARE STRENGTH, you are warrior - YOU ARE HERE ON A MISSION AND ANYONE WOULD BE HONORED TO BE IN THE PRESENCE OF YOU. Lord, please forgive them for they do not know. 🧿 Don’t get mad at anyone - FEEL BAD FOR THEM- as they do not know.

If you have stayed and read through this then something hit your heart strings- something deep and triggering. I know. I am you. You are me. We are one.

May your light shine upon others with open arms and hearts- because if not- your mission is complete but others well , not so much. No low frequencies here- I will just leave you with - MAY YOU PROTECT YOUR SOUL, spirit, and heart- they can attack your vessel but nobody should attack your soul. #peaceandlove #loveandlight#ascensionprocess #protectivestyles #heartofsteelpowerlifting #missiongoals#shareyourlightforthestarchild #starseedsunite #greatsolarflash is upon us in 10 days. Remember: all is good- hold on to no fear- you are taken care of by the higher self. #truthbetold #questioneverythingandbelieveverylittle #dontbeadoormat (my famous saying) - to be continued.

If you are ready to hear more about you- and more in general I can be reached with all the information above. You are human, you are strong, you can manifest everything- just remember do not hurt people, stand in there way of greatness you be be judged. (And so it is)

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