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What We Offer

Reiki Spa FACIAL with chakra balancing

Be one with your skin

  • 1 hour
  • 128 US dollars
  •|House of|East Roosevelt Road

Service Description

Indulge in the harmonizing fusion of spiritual rejuvenation and skincare luxury with the transformative Reiki Facial experience at House of Gemneyemz. Guided by the expert hands of renowned practitioner Maria Zucchero, this unique fusion treatment transcends traditional facials by merging the ancient art of Reiki healing with modern skincare techniques, resulting in a truly holistic and revitalizing experience. As you step into the serene sanctuary of House of Gemneyemz, you'll be greeted by an atmosphere of tranquility and positive energy. The Reiki Facial begins with a personalized consultation with Maria Zucchero, where she attunes herself to your specific needs and intentions, creating a bespoke treatment plan that addresses both your inner balance and outer radiance. The journey unfolds as you recline on a plush treatment bed, enveloped in soothing aromas and gentle ambient music. Maria's hands, charged with the healing energy of Reiki, move in graceful choreography over your face, employing light touch and intention to channel energy and stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms. This energy flows through your skin, awakening cellular vitality and promoting a sense of profound relaxation. Intertwined with the Reiki practice is a meticulously tailored skincare regimen. Maria utilizes premium, all-natural products that are selected to nourish your skin's unique needs. Each step, from cleansing to moisturizing, is elevated with intention, mindfulness, and the soothing cadence of Maria's touch. The infusion of Reiki energy amplifies the effects of these products, encouraging your skin to reveal its inherent luminosity. The benefits of the Reiki Facial at House of Gemneyemz are multifaceted and enduring. Beyond the immediate glow and suppleness that grace your skin, the energy work fosters a deeper sense of calm, releasing tension and stress that may have manifested in your facial muscles. This release has the potential to alleviate not only physical tension but emotional blockages as well, leaving you feeling lighter and more centered. Over time, regular sessions of the Reiki Facial can support your skin's natural rejuvenation processes, enhancing its elasticity, clarity, and overall vitality. The experience also promotes a sense of energetic equilibrium, which can positively influence your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Immerse yourself in the artful synergy of energy healing and skincare luxury with the Reiki Facial

Cancellation Policy

Please contact us at least 12 hours prior to appointment if you need to cancel.

Contact Details

  • 330 East Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL, USA


  • 330 East Roosevelt Road suite 110, Lombard, Illinois 60148, USA


  • 330 East Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL, USA


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