CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY! This is Extra Large Orgonite EMF protection -xxLARGE

CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY! This is Extra Large Orgonite EMF protection -xxLARGE

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Orgonite EMF made to order pyramidsA powerful conductor of Orgone energy: the positive energy flow patterns of this necklace can be observed through Kirlian photography. Also provides protection from electromagnetic fields (EMF).Promotes energetic wellbeing in all dimensions of life: from your wealth and career, to your health and relationships - experience greater success and wellness in everything that matters to you.Amplifies meditation and spiritual clarity: wear the necklace during meditation or spiritual activities, set an intention, and watch that intention materialize faster.

    Orgone is another name for the form of energy also known as Chi, Prana, Ether, or Life force. An ORGONITE pyramids are devices that are made with plant resin, crystals, copper, gold or other natural materials. These materials are arranged in ways that bring a person to balance and harmony with the natural frequency of the planet. Orgone converts the negative energy supply from electrical wiring. This gives off positive ions hence a better living environment.


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  • How to choose the correct Orgonite

    Very important Look for orgonites made with raw Quartz or Quartz family Stones such as Amethyst, Agates...and metals as Iron, copper, bronze, or metals as silver or gold.

    First, you need to know the purpose: do you want to wear it all day or do you want it for your home? 

    In the first case, the best will be an orgone at home, the pyramid. Keops Pyramid Shape greatly improves the orgonite effects.

    Finally, each person's energy is different, so maybe the best orgonite for your friend is not the best for you. 

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