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Reincarnation part 3

The following are experiential evidence of reincarnation:.

(1) Near Death Experience (NDE): During the sojourn in the astral realm, one of the main features is the past life recall of the life that is ongoing. More developed individuals could also glimpse at lives in earlier incarnations.

(2) Out -of-body experience: It is very rare to experience past lives in OBE's. There is, however, one outstanding case. Oliver Fox left his body to visit some Tibetan temple. Instead he had a past life experience, in which he was being tortured to death chained to a frame. His name was Theseus, presumably a Greek.

(3) Channelling through mediums in trance consciousness is strong proof of reincarnation. Similarly, sensitive clairvoyants may be able to reel off a series of the other people's past life without the slightest difficulty. In this case the sitter can verify what is told to him with other mediums and psychics. Nowadays, there is no shortage of clairvoyants. The stories usually tally.

(4) Clairvoyants: These psychics can usually recall their own past lives as well as others. They do not mix up the two. Some of them cannot tell their own past at all. In this category, an English boy living in the late 19th century was able to recount vividly many of his own past. It is edited in a book called The Boy Who Saw True (annotated by Cyril Scott) (1953). Joan Grant remembered her past lives in trance, and these are recounted in her autobiography, Time out of Mind (1956). The Winged Pharaoh (1937) is her 1st book about her past life.

(5) Psychics and Clairvoyants who can read other people's past lives: Many fall into this category, but only a few have written down their experiences. The best known is Edgar Cayce. He gave details of patients' past lives to explain away the symptoms of current lives with a moral lesson attached. Joan Grant is another. Quite a bit of literature is available on this subject. Lately, Brian Weiss has written best sellers: 'Many Lives, Many Mansions' and 'Through Time into Healing'. Weiss does it through hypnosis.

(6) Information on reincarnation by discarnates: There are quite a few famous theses published via mediums either in trance or fully conscious. (a) Alice Bailey channelled tomes from a Theosophical Master, the Tibetan. (b) Madam Blavatsky's Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. (c) Dr. Mona Rolfe lectures in trance and is famous for her book ' The Spiral of Life: Cycles of Reincarnation' (d) Allan Kardec's book ' The Spirits Book'. Although it is written in 1857, most of what is written in the book is in accord with what we accept today. This book is regarded as a bible in Brazil, and thus explains why 87% of Brazilians believe in reincarnation. (e) Arthur Ford was able to recount his own and other people's past lives. After his death, Ruth Montgomery received messages from him through automatic writing. The material is about reincarnation in general and about some famous people in particular. (f) Jane Roberts channelled Seth in trance. He is a gnostic spirit-philosopher. He tells us that all our lives are occurring in parallel, because time is not linear. That means while living in the 20th century we are also acting out our lives in centuries past and future. Therefore karma does not exist: we are deluded by it. He discredited himself by predicting that in the year 2075, man will be able contact their inner being. He is using linear time in this prediction!

There is also 7 types of spontaneous recollections and they are:

(1) Recognition of places at first sight: Guilfoyle had a survey and found these percentages: 35% never had, 50% had once or twice, and 15% more than twice a feeling that they had been there before. Muller (1970) found that 6% of his subjects had intense feelings of recognition at the first visit. This must be differentiated from déjà vu, which does not point to a past life. Deja vu is more like the consciousness moving ahead of the body.

(2) Recognition of people at first sight: This is quite common, but one must not jump to conclusion too quickly. Liking or disliking someone at first sight may not be past life experience. An intense affinity or mutual affection, which developed spontaneously, may be a relationship from the past. Certainly love at first sight is from the past. Uncommon familiarity and being totally comfortable with the other person are good pointers. Intense hatred at the first meeting is also a good possibility of a disagreeable past.

(3) Recognition in Dreams: Dreams are not a common way in recalling past life. This is because we mostly forget our dreams, which are also pretty unconvincing as evidence. Unless it is a recurring dream, which should also be lucid (that means we know that we are dreaming) and vivid. The accompanying emotions are also intense, and we can describe the details years later. When one dreams of one's past life, the person is usually in the dream, but not when dreaming of other people.

(4) Recollections triggered by objects, photos and books: Almost anything can trigger a recollection, and it may end up in a dream. Lenz found that 9 out of 127 cases had memories triggered by listening to some music, seeing a painting or an object.

(5) Recollections triggered by a similar situation: This is rare but it happens, as we are told that we repeat the same mistakes, life after life.

(6) Recollections under extraordinary circumstances: The conditions from which a memory can arise are (a) during a life-threatening accident, (b) under anaesthesia or semi-conscious (c) under great stress and strain as in war or other activity that entails lack of sleep, (d) depression and despair due to a great loss.

(7) Spontaneous Recollection: Many well known people do proclaim their past incarnations, but without proof they were treated with little credibility.

Our Akashic Records and Past Life Memory

The Akashic records our every thought speech and action since our first incarnation. In fact everybody's records are thus registered, and therefore we are all inter-linked and interconnected. Our memories do not fade and they remain clear and brilliant as ever, even if the events are tens of thousands of years ago. The Akashic registers our emotional feelings and thoughts and senses whether we are conscious or not. This is remarkable.

There is limitless capacity, unlike the memory in our computers. We can access this memory at any point in time, be it thousands of years ago. There is no rewinding of the tape. These memories are also structured around associative points. We can see the events without any feelings. We can look at ourselves in the past as impartial observers. We can go through the same scene and feel the emotional reactions as well as others' feelings. We can also look at the situation from a different angle and perspectives.

In a trance or with a shift of consciousness, we can go to our past lives in the whole of the Akashic: a recent life is just as vivid as a one from the far past. Emotionally charged events come sooner than ordinary ones. Traumatic death experiences usually come out first. Clairvoyants usually can see a past situation similar to the present one. Some blockages to the entry to a specific past situation are encountered: traumatic death experiences and acts related to secrecy.

There is probably no such thing as a 'reincarnation wave' in which a whole country of souls is reincarnated at the same time to one country. We come back life after life with our friends, loved ones and relatives. They come in different combinations, but it is the intense relationship that we have developed with each other that make us reincarnate together time and again. In some lives, we are friendly, but in the others we are hostile with one another. On the whole it is love and compassion that bring us back to earth again. This is the reason for the phenomenon of 'love at first sight'. The older souls with more awareness in population II and III are the ones that return with their small groups of acquaintances.

In conclusion, there is enough evidence as enumerated above to state categorically that reincarnation is a fact and not a superstition. To recapitulate there is evidence in (a) NDE (b) OBE (c) Clairvoyants and paranormal sensitives who are able to see their own as well as others' past lives. (d) Spontaneous recall. (e) Induction by therapists using hypnosis, magnetism, imagination or visualisation and trance. ( f) A past life regression heals the patient.

Then in summary, after scouring through the historical records and properly conducted research in a scientific manner we arrive at these parameters:

(1) We most probably reincarnate hundreds or thousands of times. If you’re tired of it stop your self, adjust and change.

(2) Our intermissions are between a few months to several centuries. The older the soul, the longer the intermission.

(3)The more mature souls with awareness do have a G-plan, but this is not hundred percent adhered to.

(4) When regressed to a past life, this process may heal the person, especially if the symptoms have no discernible cause.

This Ends our incarnation series from my notes.

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