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The Northern Lights captured in this stone

Labradorite is a unique healing stone that is full of magic. It’s not hard to see why given its distinct appearance.

This feldspar mineral has an overall gray color. However, it reflects a spectrum of eye-catching colors, producing an iridescent sheen known as labradorescence. The effect is so breathtaking that early humans thought the stone’s reflections were spirits trapped inside!

Today, Labradorite is a favorite among crystal healers. Its energy is thought to unleash the holder’s full potential. The beautiful mineral is said to help you believe in yourself and your own capabilities, pushing you to achieve all your goals.

On its own, Labradorite has the power to change your outlook and add positive energy to your life. But when you use it alongside spoken affirmations, the sky’s the limit!

Affirmations are spoken statements that infuse stones with your intent. The goal is to manifest your desires and generate real change. Labradorite affirmations are particularly special, pairing the positivity of the stone with the goodwill of your mind.

Using Labradorite affirmations can help you harness the full potential of this stone. It unleashes the power of change and taps into your intuition. Many say that it can change your life in many ways, leading to a full-blown transformation that takes you to new heights of existence.

Labradorite Affirmations

  • I am in control of my destiny.

  • I will welcome all new opportunities.

  • I am courageous.

  • I will remove bad habits from my life.

  • I will find my inner strength no matter what situation I’m in.

  • Change and transformation will be introduced into my life.

  • I seek to always make positive changes in my life.

  • I am not hindered by my fears.

  • My bright and joyful personality will keep me in a good place no matter what darkness and negativity surrounds me.

  • I will trust my intuition and the direction I choose to go.

  • I trust the process of life.

  • My natural joy and openness will bring new opportunities into my life.

  • I will be the author of my own story in life.

  • I am not going to be caught up in routine.

  • My personality will shine.

  • I am hopeful and attract harmony into my life.

  • Change is an inevitable part of life.

  • Positive transformation is always around the corner.

  • I am protected, safe, happy, and comfortable.

  • I am not scared of change.

  • Each day I take steps toward becoming the person I want to be.

  • I am able to find and pursue my dreams.

  • I will lead by example.

  • Negative energy cannot penetrate my positive aura.

  • I will have the opportunity to show my skill and talent.

  • I will try new things without fear.

  • I welcome change because it will make me better.

  • I am adaptable.

  • I am proud of who I am.

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