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The 6th movie 🍿

The vision brought to my attention this morning was the movie The 6th day. Anything to do with January 6? Quite possible but that’s what I’m not asserting to in this post. Tonight I will watch this movie and I do recommend to watch this movie because there are many details laid out that truly depict what the Democrat future plan was onto everyone globally. Agenda 2030-50. Note agenda 2050 ( research ) 👈 that is the plan after human civilization ( you ) wiped out, is the rebuild model after most humans are in fact extinguished. They’re new way of life is in full effect for them to live peacefully in their way. Which is not the natural way we see today collectively.

Now a small key of evidence shown factually from this movie is and proves their high level of spiritual intelligence to which most people lack and is why I’m teaching my spiritual knowledge ( 3rd century Theravada Buddhism, Christianity and Buddha 500 years before Christ birth ) We spoke about reincarnation etc... Myself being a angelic medium. I’ve been taught and teaching you all about how to recognize your incarnation and reincarnation. To see this and know this is by looking for black dots on the whites of your eyes. Locations are usually at the 4-5pm radius or 7-8pm radius ( visual ) same with animals. Some of you submitted pictures with your cats and dogs with 1-4 dots meaning they’ve been around for a while. Including some of you having at least one dot showing you’ve reincarnated once over the last 200-300 years. If you’re questioning this post already please go back in my timeline and read the entire 3 part karma and reincarnation posts.

Now, in the movie they show humans involved in DS are the ones mainly being cloned. How to tell? They too get a black dot on the whites of their eyes for every time their cloned.

The movie is depicting the truth about spiritual reincarnation actually being a real event we go through that’s taught in sacred spiritual knowledge which is exactly what I profess with out any bending truth. So display it the best way for them to reveal both realities is the form of cloning. So they would be telling the truth factually to both sides of the coin. The role of playing God within humans is cloning and spiritual truth being done by God’s hands, hence Genesis 6.

Wait isn’t Cloning illegal in most countries around the world? Yes it is! Then why are there human cloning centres in Canada, USA, UK etc. In the laws, the country itself can not be apart of it directly in support according to the laws. So there are loop holes created from those interpretations, because you feel content that cloning won’t happen and the eyes turn away. So businesses within the country create a third party to the government so it operates at arms length distance hiding the direct ties to the operation. They form a registered entity outside of the country and then bring the business back in under the radar. For example Clonaid in Canada and USA.

Cloning is a real deal that has been going on with in the elite families and I’m quite positive people with in the Rothschild family such as Diana will bring this to light or at least someone with great political strength will confirm this. Which also leads us into reptilians and real alien beings. I’ll go more about that later.

Please read this article about details in the movie 6th day.

Here’s a few more factual info about cloning,

Isn’t regenerating lost limbs a form of cloning? Is this a good thing or bad thing? Clones have no souls, remember that. However creating a new tissue body part is better than inserting a metal or AI product.

Lastly, take note of the character names in this movie. They mock the heavens... Adam, Eve, Michael and especially Michael, portraying the AA as the enemy. To their word. Being the opposite polar.

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