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Shift and truth- be your best self

When we come out of this, we will have changed. And so will the world have changed.

Our values will change.

We will be brought back to the deepest truth within ourselves, and understand that the old systems, the old structures, the old form of life, have left us.

We cannot go back to where we were before, not on any levels.

We have shifted.

We are forced to return to the deepest truth within, and find that deep inner connection with all of life and All-That-is.

Instead of always looking for outside stimulation, outside entertainment, outside forces, we will have shifted deep within and found a reconnection to our souls which we lost some time ago, and now truly stepping to the fore, to remind us of what TRULY MATTERS!

For in truth it is teaching us to communicate from the heart and soul and the depths of our being. To become authentic and real.

To be grateful for and nurture what we do have. It is teaching us, what is truly important and what is not.It is teaching us to share.

The more we see what is unfolding here, the more grateful we become.

Let us rise! Let us bring our unique gifts and talents to the world, and share the deepest love in our heart and soul, with integrity and authenticity.

We need not to seek applause.

We only need to be simply our truest and highest soul self and radiate forth our best intent for highest service to the Divine with great love.

Simplicity is the key.

We are not here to show off.

We are not here to grab attention.

We are but here to humbly serve from the heart and soul, and without ego. In truth it is not about me - it is not about you! It is about the resurrection of the planet earth and the rebirth of humanity into the highest consciousness, the New Life in the 5th dimensional form and higher. It is in essence the Return to the Love and the highest state of pure innocence.

Open your heart and soul to be transformed from within and without. We are all being reborn into a much higher version of self.

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