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October 9th 2022 The Hunters Moon Full Moon will hold the first Gypsy Souls Unite circle

We are the movement- Gypsy Souls UNITE: It's the journey, not the destination

We the collective will have 12 months of circles on the New and Full Moons, rituals, in-depth transformational leadership tools, a monthly invocation, community group + more.A circle is essentially a safe space where women of all ages can come together to share their life stories, express their emotions, set positive intentions and harness the collective power of a group of like-minded individuals who are attuned to their need for connection and in some cases, healing.

We will be hosting them all different and have rituals for the full/new moon cycles, hobby nights, workouts and more to come.

We will meet to have tea, chocolate, a journal + meditate together. We can and will celebrate each other.



Save the Dates for upcoming events throughout 2022-2023

October 25th New Moon

November 8th Full Moon November 23rd New Moon

December 7th Full Moon

December 23rd New Moon

January 6th 2023 Full Moon

January 21st 2023 New Moon

February 5th Full Moon

February 20th New Moon

March 7th Full Moon

March 21st New Moon

April 5th Full Moon

April 19th New Moon

May 5th Full Moon

May 19th New Moon

June 3rd Full Moon

July 17th New Moon

August 30 Super moon Full Moon

September 29 Full Moon

October 14th New Moon

October 28th Full Moon

November 13 New Moon

November 27 Full Moon

December 12 New Moon

December 26th Full Moon

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