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Lift Up into Your Higher Dimensional Perspective!

Cmdr Ashtar - “Lift Up into Your Higher Dimensional Perspective!”

“Greetings, Beloved Family! If you’re not feeling High yet, you will! There has never been a moment in your time as there is now. There has never been such opportunity, such energy and so much joining together, from the very Highest of Realms of Light right on down into the third dimension – and we say ‘up’ and ‘down’ so you can get the grandeur of this! “We don’t speak in terms of time or dates – certainly not dates -but we can tell you that your moment is now to rise, to uplift, to join together, to call us in, to reach out, to partner, because you have an overview unlike you have ever had before, everywhere you look! Now we’re talking about the non-traditional sources, such as being here right now. Everywhere you look on the internet and the various forms of communications there, you are getting the stories. You are getting the Truth! And you are at the same time being inspired to rise above whatever third dimensional reactions of fear-based origins you might be feeling and let them go, because this is the time to rise up into the Highest levels of your beings!!! “And you know what I mean by that. But I’m going to mention it anyway and that is about the Highest levels of your beings. Each one of you has a High level being aspect part of you. It’s Who You Really Are! It’s the TRUTH of you. It’s the LIGHT of you. It’s your HIGHER DIMENSIONAL SELF!!! And yet, even if you are down in the dumpies, and that’s okay – just recognize it and lift up, as rapidly as you can, because you’re still human! “You’re all in human bodies and you’re subject to human emotions. And, yes, sometimes fear does creep in and there is no shame – certainly no blame – in that. After all, that’s a part of you, a natural part of you, a part of you that’s been following these programs for eons of time. Just lift up and get with your Higher Dimensional Self. Who do you think your Number One Guide is, anyway? “Well, this is not false humility on my part, if I tell you it’s not me, Ashtar, or Sananda or Saint Germain or Archangel Michael or anybody else, famous or not – IT’S YOU! It’s your Higher Self!!! So get with the program and connect! Get up in the LoveLight and CONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHER DIMENSIONAL SELF, because that’s where you get the Higher Dimensional Perspective! That’s where you get the power – the empowerment, the strength – to get up and out of the dumpies! “Now Sananda can connect you in his LoveLight sessions and that’s one way to do it. And it’s a great way if you’re not too familiar with that part of you. Or even if you are, it’s a wonderful way to get there! I talk about getting there; I talk about uplifting; I talk about journeying. Well, IT IS AN ACTION! It’s an action to take. It’s an expression and you can do it -telepathically or verbally, you can do the Hands of LoveLight, you can do it however you choose to do it, but take action of the uplifting, positive kind!!! Oh, yes, and if you want to come up to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem, that’s the way to do it also. You come up anyway in your sleep times, you know! “I’m looking – there isn’t one of you who is a stranger to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem, not one of you in this audience!Think about that! You think it’s coincidental that you’re all here -whether live or joining in with the recording that will be put up shortly, for those of you who are not here present, fully live on this call? You’ll get lively when you join in anyway, and you’ll get all the energy of this magnificent group of Lightworkers, Light Beings, helpers, partners along the Path, and so on! “But I’m talking about getting with yourselves. Make it a daily habit. Get the feeling of it! You know, that’s more important than any advice or guidance or words that you could possibly get. Get the feeling with the habit. You know why? Because it’s guidance from your Higher Dimensional Perspectives coming directly into your Hearts! And your Hearts are connected directly with your Higher Dimensional Selves!!! “Now that’s a pretty cool blueprint, is it not? Of course, there’s more to it than that. I’m uncomplicating it quite a bit here to give you the essence of what I speak. And not only that, but when you connect with your Higher Dimensional Selves and get into that Higher Dimensional Perspective, you not only are more empowered to help yourselves with whatever it is that you want to create, but you can help others! You can help the whole World and the Universe beyond, because EVERYWHERE IS EVOLVING, not just you yourselves, not just Planet Earth, although that’s huge! “And I have no desire whatsoever to diminish the importance of your Light work here on Planet Earth. I’m only saying, get into the Higher levels, where you’re unlimited, you can go anywhere you choose to go, and you can help to bring the Higher Dimensional Perspective right down into the sleepers – the ones who for one reason or another are not awake. You know why? Because they all have Higher Dimensional Selves as well, and you can communicate with them through that access! “It’s like everybody’s got this portal, you know, and you can communicate with them and invite their Higher Dimensional Selves to get it into their consciousness – their conscious consciousness – that’s different from their Higher Dimensional consciousness – their conscious 3D brain consciousness, if you want to put it that way. And then you’ve got the means to connect their Hearts with their brains! Oooh, that is so good! But you can do that for yourselves, too, you know. I’m just giving you an overview. “And what’s the big deal about all this anyway? Well, I’ll tell you what the big deal is! That’s the key to your Ascensions, for one thing. That’s the key to all of the transformational transformutations that are to take place – and are taking place, by the way, on Planet Earth and beyond. That’s the key to bliss! That’s the key to ease in your lifestyles – comfort, abundance, oh yes, and healing and for those of you who are, hmm, let us just say ‘wise ones’ of what might be called a little bit more in years – physical years upon your bodies – that’s the key to your Rejuvenation!!! “Well, I don’t mean to sound like I’m selling something to you, but what I’m telling you is this is your key and I GIVE IT TO YOU, because I inform you that this is a process, an action, an expression that you can do! Now, I make it sound simple, I realize that. And I know that for a lot of you, particularly those of you who have been around for a while and have been working on these very things, it’s been a long process in terms of this lifetime. And I can tell you that most of you have been at it for many lifetimes! “But rather than feel a bit weary about it, and for goodness sake, do not give up, because you’re right there!!! I used to speak about the bridge over the canyon – you come around and you get to the place where you don’t know that there’s a bridge there, but there is. Well, you’re right at the beginning of that bridge to move into Higher Dimensionality. So don’t stop now! If you need to, give yourselves a little push. Stand in front of the mirror and visualize a little push on your backside, if you want to do it that way. Or reach out your hand and take mine or any that you choose with one hand and your Higher Dimensional Self with the other and float up! Who needs a bridge anyway under your feet, when you can fly or float or soar? There are so many ways to get there! “Oh, you Beloved Ones! I honor you so much for all that you have given to yourselves to experience, for the wisdoms that you have gained from your experiences, and for the fact that you have arrived at the very doorway, or the opening of the bridge, or the portal or however you choose to see it! Some of you might even want to see a rainbow that you can just float up in. It matters not what visions you use, just get there. Or shall I say, ‘Get Here,’ because you’re going to love it! “This Golden Age that we’ve been talking about – it’s coming forth more and more!!! Archangel Michael will have more on that for you,** but what I am here to tell you is, GET WITH IT! Bring in that LoveLight, empower yourselves, take off like rockets and remember – we’re all in this together – one great big, beautiful, beaming, radiant Family of Ashtar On The Road, in Oneness with all the LoveLight in the Universe! “So let go and release any notions you may have that you have to experience more hardships, you have to spend more time down in the dumpies, or any of those kinds of notions, because THAT’S NOT TRUE! You’re here to soar; you’re here to fly; you’re here to beam yourselves up, with your Higher Dimensional Selves perhaps being your pilots! You don’t even need Scottie, although there is that technology and it is thriving in other places, and you now have Masters – you can call them wizards, geniuses, whatever you want to call them. We call them Masters, yes, walking in human bodies and, oh, they’ve had their share of travails and hardships to get where they are. But they’ve got plenty to offer, and they’re here in service – messengers, teachers, all kinds of scientists and spiritual leaders. And guess what? You, Beloved Ones, are among them! “There is no one, absolutely no one in the Universe who is more Dvine than each and every one of you! All we ask is that you see it in yourselves as we do; that you know it as fully and completely as we do. And then you express and take action from that Perspective as we do, because we’re here to do it together! And if you need any more support for yourselves, remember – none of this could be happening without you! “We didn’t come here to do it for you, or do it to you. We came because you were ready and you put out the call! And we are doing more and more because you are rising more and more. Remember that! Remember that and keep that in your Hearts, in your knowing, and in your Divine Perspectives, and together we’re going to fly! We already are! And that, Beloved Ones, is Truth! “And so we thank you. We offer our blessings to you. And more than that, our Hearts and our hands join with you in our Oneness of LoveLight! Thank you, Beloved Brothers and Sisters! One We Are in our Ashtar On The Road Family! And so it is. Salut!” * Sananda’s Healing Hands of LoveLight Group Sessions

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