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Let the truth be read and spread- we are here to be the light. Don’t be fooled, be smart- be one

Gridworker’s are being called upon spontaneously to show up in various demographic areas of the planetary surface, alone or in groups, to act as environmental harmonizers, energy placement holders or set up phase cancellations to effectively transduce and emit neutralizing signals. When developed, Starseeds have the consciousness ability to neutralize artificial technology and replace it with organic code. At this time in the planet fields, there is an aggressive use of the following Negative Alien and Grey technologies: static frequency fences, energy phasing distortions, soul imaging and capturing technology, holographic inserts and projections, black hole technology, opening hyperspace pockets or time-space ripping, aura harvesting and harnessing, electromagnetic pulsing and sweeping. These sudden grid missions, whether assigned at home in your bedroom, or out doing planet fieldwork, are being given to mitigate various large impacts made in the energy field of the planet. Gridworker’s are sent where their specific expertise or consciousness genetic key code is most beneficial.

If one is not clear who their authority is, and that ET’s are not Angels or God’s to be trusted, one can be manipulated to serve an alien agenda that is not in service to human Ascension and Sovereignty. Use 12D Shield boundary testing for all ET Communication, and learn to develop this skill if you are being contacted.

Whether we observe the World News with our outer vision, or observe the energy consciousness field with our inner vision, the fantastically surreal to paranormal is manifest in common daily events. Some of those events are hidden five pages deep in a brief article someone managed to get on the internet for a few hours. Although some of this is disinformation to debunk UFO or other sightings, some of it indeed is accurate, until it is promptly removed into the “404 error pages” or photo shopped. Many of us cannot believe our eyes and are grappling with coming to new terms with our understanding of the nature of reality and our life. Our relationship to time and space is, fundamentally at the energy physics level, changing. All the while there are still those totally oblivious to it all, and those watching on the sidelines, exclaiming WTF? We are in the end of times where those willing to pay attention are facing some of the most bizarre events, collective strange behaviors and distorted motivations ever witnessed on planet. Penetrating insights and disturbing conclusions will be arrived at, when one delves into the matter by asking the question: Who is benefiting from ____ event?

The propped up artifice of the collective ego mind is further fragmenting into multiple schisms and descending into its pit of despair and madness. We can choose to accept our responsibility during these times to live as an empowered connected human, willing to face the truth, or descend into disconnection through the spiral of madness. We cannot be of this world, engaged with the chaos, and maintain our sanity. Our inner spirit is that which harmonizes our overall auric energies and will restore sanity through balancing our thoughts. We have to let go of everything, and Let God. Pray, meditate and 12D shield daily to maintain your sanity and energetic balance.

Stay the course of the Organic Ascension Timeline by reclaiming your heart based, inner spiritual identity as a Sovereign and Free God being. Protect your aura by 12D shielding your body and staying informed, aware and alert of your surroundings. Follow your heart and be willing to go beyond the shadow of fear, facing the truth, making the inner choice to serve God’s plan of Freedom for All. Know with all of your heart which timeline you choose and commit to stay on that timeline, by continually affirming your dedication and the consecration of your body, mind and spirit, to fully serve God’s Organic Laws and Ascension Plan.

On Alert

For months now there has been a Guardian alert for those made aware that this May electrical peak is generally used for furthering false timeline agendas, which the negative aliens have excelled at in the past. By relying on human short term memory, they have succeeded in propagating some of the most insidious crimes against humanity, repeatedly, by using the same seeds of human ego distortion and fear, and by manipulating the unhealed memories of human soul trauma. To the collective human fractured soul, deluding the masses with the ultimate goal of promoting the individual’s desperate quest for status and worldly material success, along with the gaining of power and dominion, is like giving a crying baby a pacifier to keep it quiet. Over time, the pacification only lasts as long as the distractions, which keep getting bigger and bigger to remain effective, which ultimately lead to a human train-wreck of inner destruction. These crying babies in adult bodies have been given a sociopathic mind along with a blood thirst for power, and run amok like they own the place and the people in it. Like a two year old with its favorite toy, shrieking out, MINE!! This spiritual immaturity is very easy to manipulate and is easily dispensable, as there is no such thing as loyalty or heavenly afterlife in the hungry and distorted Reptilian brain. They consume one after the other, like popping candy m & m’s. This False King of Tyranny rule is destined to fall, as the external power crumbles with nothing at the foundational core left to support it.


In the creational structure of Harmonic Universes there are two timelines per dimensional octave. So within our Harmonic Universe of 3D earth, within the three dimensions we have six timelines. When we energetically evolve and move up in octave, being initiated into higher frequencies, we are exposed to more dimensional octaves, therefore more potential timelines. Within these dimensions of future timelines are stations of identity commonly called soul, oversoul, and higher self, which comprise body parts or whole spiritual bodies of our forgotten selves. These are spiritual energetic bodies that hold our intelligence matrices, our mind matrices, that make up our spiritual identity, which we are designed to reclaim during these timeline collapses transpiring during the Ascension cycle. This is why those on the ascension path continually experience their energetic healing by meeting the cellular memories in the multiple timelines. You may be saying, what, this emotional theme again? We have to move through the series of timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity, while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth. Like a triathlete running and jumping over hurdles, we merge with these time fields and collect our spiritual bodies, to make it to the finish line. What is being accomplished with this process, especially now with Guardian Ascension Timeline, is that we have to move through all the artificial, inorganic time fields and negative alien timelines with their false selfish agendas, in order to arrive at the GOD GATEWAY.

Because the original 5D plan was not achievable, it required our evolution through the time fields in the Harmonic Universes to be drastically sped up. Those serving the Law of One, are moving through extreme amounts of the future timelines, observing their collapse, in order to arrive at the Gateway Octave where the Organic and eternal light is overriding the artificial and replicated alien coding. False Timelines and False Software to control humanity were used to deter humans from their organic and natural ascension evolution. This is why this planet is called a prison planet. Meanwhile the negatives desperately cling to the artificial timeline programs to influence humans through fear, to chose to manifest into their enslaved future selves. Some examples: Nostradamus Prophecy, Armageddon Software, Pestilence Programming, 911 Military Industrial Complex Revolution, any terrorist and cataclysmic inorganic event generated by the Aliens. None of these programs are sourced as natural.

By reclaiming our spiritual identity we then can begin to remember and rediscover our true divinity as sovereign and free beings. It is our spiritual identity, which is connected to God Source that will lead us to safety and freedom throughout this maze of confusion. When you reclaim your spiritual body and its identity in an obsolete or inorganic timeline, you move though that timeline into the next dimensional octave timeline, to repeat the process. As we move up the dimensional octaves or scale, to higher frequency, we also become conscious of future time. Moving through octaves of dimensional frequencies is synonymous with moving forward in time. The Ascension cycle is the end of a 3D combined timeline, and the planet is moving into a higher frequency of future time, a future dimensional octave. This skips the planetary consciousness field, therefore human beings and their consciousness into future time fields and higher dimensional frequencies.

As many different people on 3D earth are existing at different levels on the scale of spiritual evolution, where their frequency resides and stabilizes, will determine their direction and future, whether they are personally involved in that decision or not. If a person is initiated into their soul bodies, (4D-5D-6D) and enters the frequency of the next Harmonic Universe, by embodying their soul frequency) they will be exposed to another six potential timelines. The next Harmonic Universe, the parallel 5D earth, has these next six potential timelines, and those entities,with an agenda for 5D, are working for that agenda. That would be the Nibiruan Annunaki Alien invasion and subsequent later timeline, of the Orion Zeta-Draco Invasion of 5D earth.

If a person is initiated into their oversoul or monad bodies (7D-8D-9D), they will enter the frequency of the next Harmonic Universe, and will be exposed to another six potential timelines. When exposed to these timelines, they will be activated with cellular memory clearing or remembering these timelines, in order to reclaim the identities that exist within those timelines. This is a direct pathway of the spiritual ascension process for all beings, to re-integrate all the selves. The oversoul Harmonic Universe, the parallel 7D earth, has the next six potential timelines, and those entities with an agenda working in 7D, are working for that agenda. That would be the beings known as the Ascended Masters, or Chohans serving the Orion Group Agenda.

This natural and organic evolutionary event is being fought over in the multiple timelines with unaware 3D human beings caught in the middle. Knowledge protects while Ignorance Harms. The 5D Timeline was the original Ascension evolution timeline for the 3D earth, which has now been aborted by Founder Guardians and the Starseeds, who incarnated on 3D earth to serve the Sovereign Organic Ascension timeline The Law of One. All sovereign and future advanced races that have a basic understanding of the natural physics of creation, choose to live in harmony with each other, as within The Law of One. As our current 3D earth evolved through time and therefore dimensional space, at the end of this evolution round (every 26,000 years), by moving into the next octave, the planet and its inhabitants would ascend to the next dimensional space. The next dimensional space or Harmonic Universe, comprises 4D-5D-6D, which is the human soul matrix, where the human soul identities and soul bodies exist. Together these three dimensions make up the next harmonic universe of the 5D parallel earth. At the end of this evolutionary round, which ends on 12/21/2012, humanity merges into the next octave by living out all of the potential six timelines of the 3rd dimension, into memory completion, and the next series of future timelines open to commence in the next cycle. This would be the natural progression of an organic planetary and species ascension, if it had not been invaded and interfered with genetically and otherwise intended to subvert human ascension and evolution. The Negative Alien agenda is to force the planet to serve another multiple species agenda, through imposing false replicated time fields, namely created under genetically reptilian based extraterrestrials, at the expense and life force of the human race and the kingdoms under human domain.

For these reasons the Negative Grey Aliens, Zeta-Dracos and their Black Sun Hybrids, and Annunaki Reptilians and their Belial Sun Hybrids, have adopted the 5D Timelines as their personal agenda to harvest, interbreed and control humanity to serve their personal agendas, now and in future. One such false agenda is to promote that it is the natural progression of humans to live with Grey Aliens on the earth, as our masters. The Black Suns when attempting to appear friendly promote their high IQ and the sharing of technology as if it is beneficial for humanity, when its application is highly destructive to the natural organic evolution of the human race to reach its highest DNA potentials. Grey Alien technology is not our friend, it is designed to irresponsibly warp and rip our time fields, through black hole technology, while promoting rapid uses of forced artificial technology, like EMP Pulsing, via our military, that hurts and destroys our planet, and instigates war with the humans of our own global race. They also promote use of supposed healing technologies, inorganic and artificial replicant matrices, that are designed to remove pain physically, or have physical results in other uses. However, the technology is intended to enslave the soul or implant the human body. They also project mirages and pretty inserts to keep an abductee calm, while they gain control of the person’s aura. In short, this is externalized black magic and is ultimately harmful to the organic spiritual bodies and organic auric field. This creates interference with the person’s ability to connect with their own spiritual source directly. It is this specific reason of spiritual interference, that there is a Founder Guardian intervention on planet earth. They were not born here on this planet, and there is a reason for that.

Negative Alien Base Headquarters

Because the planet is ready to drop and collapse timelines from the previous 3D cycle, there is a struggle to dominate upcoming events that would influence the future timelines, to be solely in Negative Alien controls. These groups have infighting, and the two primary groups have infected two major stargates and power vortexes on the planet, with their headquartered control mechanism. Black Suns have headquartered themselves in the 10th Stargate and lodged their technologies in Iraq and Iran, and the power spots in Giza, Egypt. Most of them are Dark Angelic E.T.’s sourcing from Fallen Seraphim genetic lines, and this is why they chose that area of the planet, it was easier to invade from the genetic key level. Suns of Belial, the Nibiru-Annunaki reptilians of the NWO crew and 911 Timeline Agendas, have headquartered themselves in the 11th Stargate of the United Kingdom and Stonehenge. These are the creators of the teeth chomping technology of the Nephilim Reversal Grid (NRG). Comprising primarily of Fallen Elohim genetic lines, this reversal network was in rebellion to the hybridization attempts of Lyran-Elohim races, who were responsible for commissioning Nephilim races for genetic hybridization healing. The failure of that program, the banishment of Nephilim or The Giants, and the killing of that race resulted in Wars. Subsequently, the NRG was placed in the UK to reverse all hybridized genetics, especially any genetic material like the Krystal DNA Matrix, that was designed to unify or marry genetics.

This inorganic NRG structure has created terrible destruction to spiritual marriage from the energetic levels, as well as the perpetration of relationship stigmas, dogma through patriarchal domination, and religious guilt. This structure and its mind control, removed sacred marriage and the union of equals, as a potential for the majority of the human race, both males and females. The pain of stealing that natural spiritual energetic function has devastated and wounded humanity. This level of unity is repugnant to these alien races who want to remain the pure bloods of their self-imposed elitist status, such as the Annunaki Reptilians and Illuminati, who believe in pure blood genetic race lines. They propagate these beliefs through controlled Eugenic programs in the bloodlines, and orchestrate holocausts and blood sacrifices through wars of undesired genetics. To achieve their ends, women must not be equals but breeders. The sick irony is that they further damage and warp the human genetic material by programming hate and race discrimination into the gene pool. This level of genetic manipulation is responsible for more human crippling’s and genetic diseases, than anything else. These diseases and mutations are a direct mirror to collective humanities spiritual sickness.

The rest of the gates they fight over, for territory, as both of these Controller groups have territorial conflicts in other areas of the planet. Recently there was a fight for territory between these groups involved in Peru, where the 5D Machu Picchu Gate and the 7D Lake Titicaca Gate and underwater bases are located. Additionally to prepare for the upcoming electrical peak, an agenda to use this period of time to utilize soul capturing and imaging technology to harness people, animals and earth body parts for their future timeline, was averted and delayed by Guardian Alliances.

Guardian Gridworker Update

Background: Peru houses two major Stargates and their related vortexes, 5D Machu Picchu and 7D Lake Titicaca. Both of these areas have ET bases for benevolent and regressive ET’s, as well as human shadow military involvement with these bases. Mid-May 2012 is the electrical peak phase of the planet grid, on which the regressives have planned stages of events for the progression of their respective agendas. The benevolent also have their attempts to activate and communicate with their genetic carriers down here on earth, the starseeds and indigos, and many first time spiritual activations and paranormal experiences happen in this period of time known as the annual electrical peak cycle. The war over consciousness is fought in the dominance of controlling the space and the inhabitants of that space, through the manipulation of timelines, and the stealing of and use of energetic forces, such as soul bodies of those who are being enslaved. As we are in the 2012 timeline, there are more open portals for communication as well as dissolving dimensional membranes, which allow entities and creatures to surface and be in a space here with us all on earth, where they were not existing here previously. Such are these times, which makes for some surreal experiences as timelines and dimensions bleed-through. Those defending freedom and sovereignty for this timeline, and those fighting to enslave and cage humanity for their agenda, are basically duking it out, in both human beings and ET beings and other creatures, such as clones and artificial intelligence.

Guardian Mission

Through received intelligence, the opening to complete a mission arose, the necessity of which required an eradication of Grey Alien Technology being used in these technology and military bases, impacting the 5D parallel timeline and the 7D Parallel Earth Timeline. What happens in this period of time in 2012 on 3D earth, creates the event horizon of probable destructive and deteriorating human future’s in both of these Parallel Earth Planes. We have learned that the 5D Earth timeline was invaded by Reptilian and Grey Aliens who harvested Astral Plane Human Beings. Between the Zeta Seals and Axiom implants on their Soul bodies, and their lack of consciousness development, they were reincarnated into Grey Alien Zeta bodies. Effectively what this means is that the Zeta propaganda to breed with humans takes on a more sinister level, of absorbing human souls left in the Astral plane to be used in Zeta Grey Alien bodies. The human soul has become trapped within these forms unable to reclaim its consciousness, powering Zeta timelines.

So some of the Grey Alien abductions are from future human beings that from this time period in 3D earth, based upon the choices of our world government from about 1934-1936 and the 1950’s, digressed and reincarnated in the future 5D earth into Grey Alien Zeta bodies. These bodies have no ability to evolve, grow, procreate, have sensory abilities, or merge with the One Source Field. There are many factions of Grey Aliens, so please know that most of the benevolent ones have been human in the past, or have chosen peaceful evolution. There are both positive and negative repercussions of this digression, however, there is a specific mission to retrieve these human souls at some point, that are trapped in future Zeta bodies, by rewriting architecture and developing Guardian hosted programs to genetically heal this group. The 5D timeline of invasion and astral body snatching, has been aggressively promoted and supported in a variety of ways.

What is reported:

1. The 5D invasion timeline is being promoted heavily for the agenda of the Orion Black Sun and Belial or Baal Group, which includes the Zetas and multiple Grey Alien hybrids and Annunaki Reptilian regressive groups. They have digressed from emotive faculties and have zero emotion or sensory functions outside of their developed mental brain capacity, in which the IQ is significantly higher than an average 3D earthling at this time, but not in significant factors of overall intelligence, including emotional intelligence, sensory abilities and the capacity to remote view future timelines.

2. Human World Government military experiments and their related genetic mutations, the harm and destruction created in the earth field, including harm to various kingdoms, human, animal, nature, and plants have several timelines of probability that were met in this exact point in the timefield of EARTH 2012. The Guardian mission is to circumvent these future destructions, which are timeline trigger events and wars, from happening at the level these events actually take physical shape. If they do take physical shape in current time, it is the point of no return in the future event horizon. Once something has been physically manifested and it’s a trigger event, the sequence in the time field erupts. Once that happens, like reaching a critical mass, it is much more difficult to stop certain destructive events from occurring in the physical. As without human consciousness participation, the current issue exists with the majority of the human race at this time.

3. Grey Alien technology has been artificially written into the various reversal field grid networks, as well as manifested independent harm from their technologies of military weapons, genetic experiments, timeline programs, holographic inserts and mirages, human abductions, tagging, tracking and astral plane manipulation. A massive 5D base and 3D time field connector point was in Lima, Peru, on the coast in the county of Mira Flores. Mira Flores is Spanish for Looking at the Flowers. The flower they were looking at, in this case, is the living lotus flower of a Christed pure heart complex. This base was planning more aggressive technology use with the upcoming electrical peak, and simultaneous 5D dimensional frequency activation coming into this 3D reality in May from the Machu Picchu 5D Vortex and its intersections with the 7D Phantom System Parallels. This has recently been called a Pleiadian Activation, this is not an organic Pleiadian activation, needless to say.

This is how the Grey Alien Technology and Human Military Shadow Government were using parts of this technology from this base located in Peru:

A huge square field of thousands upon thousands of technological devices in pockets of hyperspace fields that looked like solar panels in perfect rows, side by side, in square and rectangular shapes were being used as a soul capturing and energy capturing technology, 8 hours west of the Macchu Picchu, 5D vortex and Gateway. This field of energy capture directs massive amounts of current and power to the Black Hole technologies (BHT) used all over the globe to instigate destruction. Recently attempts to use black hole technology to weaken North American seaboards was instigated, and stabilized by Guardians. These square-rectangles are artificial tile-e-spheres, similar to embedded tv screens that refract light into images, so this is a refractive light and image capturing technology. While capturing souls, capturing animals, capturing nature, whatever levels of capture, that would mirror an exact replica of the item, person, or animal in a holographic projection into another phantom dimension. This phantom dimension feedline, influences 7D phantom Arcturian intersections, as well as 7D logos and planetary brain controls. This soul capture creates a probable future timeline of that person or animal here on 3D earth now, as its replica parallel clone is leading it towards its own pathway of destruction, into a phantom dimension of enslavement and eventual consumption by these negatives, in controlled artificial future timelines. This is exactly like understanding the computer technology of a mirror site server. When one wants to have multiple copies or clones of the same website content accessible in many countries, they will create a duplicate of the original site and replicate its projection onto many internet IP addresses, or vector locations in time and space. This soul capture technology was doing exactly that. Whomever is not soul connected, not using their soul, or is an innocent bystander like an animal or mammal, such as the 900+ dolphins recently killed in Peruvian waters, or the 600 Pelicans that sacrificed themselves. A negative form projection of their genetic signature would be captured and projected into the siphoning device, into the phantom field, to simultaneous power and feed the operation of the BHT. This technology was getting upgrades and they were testing it in the field for about 60-90 days, testing it in 5D, 3D and the parallels. The plan was to roll out a big BHT agenda, soul capture extravaganza agenda at the May 1st, Beast-Beltaine ritual and ongoing.

The next generation of this alien technology being developed for use in this timeline was being designed for another purpose. The next generation technology was to splinter the solar plexus, so that the soul body could not connect into the still point areas of the lightbody. This works like a reversal clamp with teeth, inside the solar plexus, into a focal point where the soul and spiritual energy bodies actually embody in the physical biology. There is a point inside the solar plexus that functions with the heart and still point that needs to be open to receive the spiritual frequencies of its own soul body. If they are successful in blocking this solar plexus function, the person will not be spiritually activated in the coming months of 2012, and the soul can be captured and harvested without any resistance or fight from the person or being it actually belongs to. This way their negative form clone is safe and working for them in the parallel dimension, in which the person who has been captured will eventually meet his destiny to merge with that clone in the future lifetime. This would also create potential bodies for takeover to possession, depending on their future anticipated needs.

Additionally these technologies manipulate time and space, and create spin offs of artificial realities and artificial timelines, which in itself create damage in the organic time and space fields. The design of this is called looking glass technology, is a time travel system given to the military complex and is being used by both Grey Aliens and Human Military in this timeline. Since its inorganic technology, when they time travel many times what they see as probable events, are limited to their current mental perception. Many do not know their limited mental perception is not the organic ascension timeline that trumps their artificial technology. Still they do damage in the field, and as a consequence, actions have been taken and are being monitored by Defender Guardian Forces.

Approximately Mid April, the main hub networks of the Mira Flores Grey Alien technology base were systematically eradicated of their ability to use this technology to harm, and prevented the May 1st Beltaine Agenda. Retaliation was taken on team members, and some of us were taken low for those reasons. On April 22nd and a little after, all of us in the Guardian family network that had imprints, or compromises from the solar plexus BHT technology in the field, were given etheric surgery to general clearings, depending on what was required to regain the area of the still point, back to its stabilized function to house the soul and higher spiritual bodies. Nausea, faintness, dizziness and stomach and head issues were a side effect. Some of us needed more recovery time than others, however our 12D families are being monitored and supported and checked for these issues of energy body compromises. Some of us may need to continually check return of clones, body parts and energies that were snatched or stolen at this time. Mostly heavy duty gridworker’s, however being aware of this issue during this time will ensure your parts and energies will be returned to rightful owner.

Pay attention if you are asked to cooperate with this function as this makes it easier for the Guardian Mentor Band to help support your reclamation or healing as smoothly and quickly as possible.

7D Timeline Manipulation

The Negative Alien agenda based on the 911 Timeline, was dependent on these 5D events transpiring to power up their 7D phantom feedlines and subsequent timelines. This agenda is primarily the Black Sun Agenda, and involves the Draconians and Orion Groups not affiliated with certain groups of the Zeta. Approximately during the same time of the Mira Flores Base destruction, the holocaust timelines and the Hitler timelines were being aggressively harvested to use these opportunities to capitalize powering up the Armageddon scenario time fields. Hitler’s day of birth is 4/20, while his double suicide was on 4/30. Hitler is a hero to the Neo Nazis who celebrate his manifestos and theology today, so to incite activity among genetic discrimination and hate crimes is always a favorite theme for the Dracs. The Dracs manipulated occultist knowledge with Hitler, and knowing that the genetic host for this 26,000 year cycle was the Hebrews, Melchizedek lines, they wanted all of them decimated. This group was key to manipulate Hitler for their Black Sun Agenda, which is still in force with the NWO, such as the underground bases and development still underway at and around the Denver Airport. Hitler was given 7D planetary Logos codes, symbols and occultist power to manipulate logos forces, basically using elements and lower forces to do his bidding, which was backed by the Catholic invaded Dracs. With this force of power, he was able to hypnotize the German masses into favoring his nationalist agendas, the same agenda being repeated in the USA governments now by different leaders, still being manipulated by the same nationalist Black Sun Agenda through the NWO. All of this is designed to remove the liberties and freedom, as written by our Founding Fathers in the original 1776, United States Constitution.

Shadow Creature Field

Soul captures and fragments of the many humans tormented in the holocaust timelines, were genetically spliced into a humongous shadow creature, which was banished and buried in the Earth Core by the Black Suns. These shadow creatures were once human, but were genetically spliced and collected as one mass body that was like a creature of genetic Frankenstein. Note the Nazi Doctors cruelty of genetic experiments and it will be lead directly to the Draconian mindset or cruelty in experimenting on life forms and crossing breeds to see what happens. This is called Eugenics and this is a Negative Alien thought-form. This served many purposes of suppressing the frequency in the earth, and keeping massive low frequency of excruciating pain, fear and torment in the earth body and earth plane, to be used for controlling demographic areas. This was a tool of genetic damage as keeping this genetic splice amalgamation creature was used as a type of DNA scrambling, with multiple fragments of the 12 layers of Human Angelic DNA, the original 12 Tribe Angelic Genetics. Take millions of soul splinters belonging to millions of tortured human bodies and compress them together to operate within a negative form creature, and bind them to the earth elementals and crystals in the earth core, and this is how this shadow creature was formed. The genetically spliced creatures were taken from the earth core in the Bay of Mira Flores at the time all of this was transpiring with the Negative Alien base, as while this was happening there was an opening that could be used as a portal that could be transited through, like a trans-gate. Somehow these creatures were hard to release because of the place in the earth core and inner earth timelines, which they were stuffed into. Some of us may have been in the earth core in previous weeks, working with crystals and the earth core to prepare for this mass exodus.

The primary energy and timeline being manipulated for these creatures was the holocaust timelines, so many of us may have sensed that we were active portals or guardians assisting in the transit of these traumatized creatures and soul fragments to be relieved or reconstituted. This resulted in a release from the earth and changes in the earth core frequency, subsequent earthquakes were settling from these changes, among other events. There was much grief as this was coming to surface to be released, so some waves of deep grief and despair from the earth fields were prevalent during these weeks also.

New Probability

This Guardian intervention mission has dissolved some trigger events to surface new probabilities in the current timeline, which has commenced this week, right before the May 1st planned negative alien trigger events. We are starting something new now, a diversion from the past timelines that were active until a few days ago. This is a very positive event. There are a lot of surreal and unusual circumstances, some ET’s have not a clue how this happened, do not know how it was accomplished, or where it came from. We have passive onlookers, bewildered, as well as those groups attempting to figure out what strategy to use next. The Guardians continue to reclaim the organic code and creational field, to secure the Sovereign Law and its realm on this plane, and to reclaim the artificial architecture used by the Grey Aliens. As gridworkers, we make adjustments as necessary meeting the current demands in the timeline as it presents itself.

I hope for those of you that read this mission update and resonate with its content, that it offers support and an empowering context for your recent experiences in the field. There is nothing to fear, however, there is a large job for us to accomplish together. If we unite and support each other in the spirit of love, peace, compassion, and freedom, we will prevail to serve this planet and bring love to all of her creations. Much love is sent to our Starseed and Indigo community and all of the continued blessed support to protect our gridworker teams. Thank you from all of my heart.

We have groups pushing for their agenda to cull as many people as they can to get on board with their future timeline and agenda. In the larger overview, tempers are flared while engaged within heated ancient conflicts, as there are fresh pawns being thrust into the controller’s game as an exercise of power. To prove they can still throw their weight around, while attempting to intimidate others into enforcing their dominion agendas. Do not let this frighten you or take you out of your personal power. Command your space! There are many more people, primarily within the Starseed gene pools exposed to sleep state ET contact, ET type of dreams and other modes of communication and manipulation. Please review March Newsletter section for Guidelines for Positive Contact. It is important to know IT IS YOU that must command your space and claim your sovereign right to State the Action of your Authority. The God Source and Christ Force, do not attack or manipulate, however, they Protect and Defend.

Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path!

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