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Karma, Reincarnation and YOU!

Over the last few days we had great in-depth under/inner standing of Reincarnation and Karma. So how do these two soulful pieces that are apart of us need in order to help our vibrations advance or our basic enlightenment begin? After all we all want spiritual growth, we question ourselves often for it. Maybe I’ll go out on a limb and safely assume we need a G-Plan. G may stand for either - God or for Ground Plan.

G-plan is a blueprint or chart that we formulate for our forthcoming incarnation while we are still in the spirit world. After spending one to two hundred years in the spirit world, we decide that the only way to progress further is to reincarnate once more. Being in the spirit world there is knowledge of our own spiritual level or status. We also know about our past lives and how much we have progressed or how much we have botched up our spiritual path. Then we are also able to assess our own tendencies, habits and propensities, and then work out an incarnation in which these foibles and bad habits can be gradually or quickly diminished. We know that our bad habits and tendencies will inevitably recur to a greater or smaller extent in the next incarnation. We then have to fashion a life in which we can diminish or eradicate these foibles or negative traits. This is easier said than done, because we have earned a certain amount of negative and positive karma hitherto. Therefore the conditions of our next life must also fit in to the limitations of our karmic pie - 👇🏻

Total Karma Earned Since First Incarnation. Birth -



Portion of Karma to Be Resolved or Utilized In The Next Incarnation. Death -



So in order to glean the utmost for our spiritual growth, one has to choose a country, a type of profession and degree of education for the purpose of promoting spiritual growth. It does not mean that the more educated we are the greater advantage we will have in order to achieve our quest. Sometimes we have to even choose a poorer lifestyle or a handicapped physical body for this incarnation, remembering that our sole purpose is to increase our vibrations. Therefore being very rich or highly educated or extremely good looking are not necessarily conducive to our mission. Having gauged our conditions for rebirth, we then have to fit our wishes to our karmic balance. For instance, if we have been a banker or a broker for six lives in order to eradicate greed, and at the end of the six lives we have become even greedier, then we will be denied a future life to be banker or broker. Even though we recognise that to be a broker or banker is ideal for eradicating greed, our karmic credit /debit does not allow us to take on those disciplines again. Our karmic balance may not allow us to live in a country of our choosing, and therefore we have to accept the next best country offered to us. Also in our past lives if we have been very cruel, and we had severely injured or maimed other people, then we may have to come down to earth this time as a handicapped person. Or if we have been emotionally tortured our loved ones for selfish reasons, then our next life would be filled with emotional hardships.

Therefore, from the karmic pie ( yours ) you/ we can see that there is very little free will left for us to manipulate. Thus, summarising the conditions for our future birth, we have decided on our sex, our parents, spouse, children and other relatives; then we have also agreed to have sacred contracts with our close and ordinary friends, associates, our colleagues, workmates and underlings. The sacred contracts must also include situations that will arise with these people. Further, our race, country of birth and country that we are emigrating to have also to be arranged. Lastly, we must also decide on poverty or wealth, sickness or health, success or failure in life, and emotional hardship or ease. That means our free will can only be used to purifying our "samskaras". Samskaras is defined as impressions or accumulated imprints of past experiences, which determine one’s desires and actions.

I’m going to stop here for tonight, I know my posts are long when I would like them shorter. It gives me great pleasure that I can share my knowledge which will benefit people in so many ways and most of all evolving correctly, safely with God’s strength. I get excited sharing myself to you. ❤️🙏🏻🤗🌟

To be continued tomorrow. We’ll look at our contracts and plans with understanding where we go.

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