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INTENTIONAL JEWELRY. Wear your Intention over your Heart with each handcrafted crystal talisman.

Updated: May 2, 2023



Wear your Intention over your Heart with each handcrafted crystal talisman. Love, Abundance, Protection, Grounding, and Healing..these are some of the intentions each of the different pieces is for. Each one comes with activation and ritual instructions. 💜

"It is just when you incarnate on planet earth that you tend to somehow forget that inner seeing, hearing and knowing and you tend to forget to create with love, with joy and within the highest aspects of your inner soul, with love. It is almost as if you allow other people and the outside world to steal your own inner creative loving soul and then wonder why you end up struggling and end up sometimes just being lost in ways you cannot even find the words to express.

That inner lostness, the inner void, is always a wake-up call of you to return to the truth within you and to truly reconnect with the Divine in all and every way, for the Divinity lives and breaths and expresses through you, AS ONE. There is no separation. You can never be separated from the Divine Source, for you ARE it. You are part and particle of the Divine, as SOUL. You ARE that as you are.

Perhaps Beautiful One, it is time to remember those inner songs of your soul and start to sing it. To paint what you see with your inner eyes, hear with your inner hearing, and know with your inner knowing. To write what needs to be written, to speak what needs to be spoken, and to live what needs to be lived with great love and inspiration.

Let nothing and no one steal your inner joy.

Let nothing and no one steal your inner creativity.

Let nothing and no one silence your innate heart songs.

Let nothing and no one, and even yourself, close down the genius and truth of your own inner being, your soul, your heart, and the Love you in truth are.

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