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How to make your own natural, safe laundry detergent for the home or office.

Hello my loving Gemneye (well, its catchy) today's post is a bit different and would love to share what I'm up to.

There may be links in the blog with products I use but it can and will be for you.

I had my step son Dylan use the cheese grater and the kirks soap (a few bars)

for the first part of the project.

It was funny so I'll attach the video as well for the process. Then I used Natural Washing Soda (1 cup) to the bowl.

10 drops of ess oil You can use any that you like but I choose lavender, geranium & lemon to mine. Whatever you like to smell is your free will so go at it.

This is very easy once you get into the groove and all the mix is in- it will start to smell amazing at the same time.

Let me know how yours turns out

love and light

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