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What Can Crystals Do For You?

Crystals can help you align your energy.

Everything, including our own bodies, thoughts and emotions, is vibrating. This vibration emits a frequency that can be experienced by all beings on Earth. Each crystal contains an internal structure that can absorb, focus and emit the electromagnetic frequency of its surroundings. Our bodies can become imbalanced and can benefit from a properly chosen crystal. When placed on the body as jewelry, held during meditation, or placed on an altar in the room, a crystal can raise your frequency and remove blockages of the mind, body and spirit. Within 15 minutes, you feel energized, happy and healed. When placed in a bedroom or other place in the home, the crystal can raise the vibration of the room so that occupants can be more focused, productive and Crystals can boost your intentions.

When you decide to make changes in your life such as regular meditation or exercise, you can activate the intention into your crystal. It will hold your intention and amplify it out to the Universe. When you place the crystal in your environment, or wear it on your clothes or jewelry, it will remind you of your goals and help you stay committed to the task. Like a good friend, the crystal is doing the work of supporting and witnessing to your goals.

Crystals can support a consistent spiritual practice.

When you decide to include crystals into your life, you begin to see the world in different and expansive ways. Amethyst, for example, is formed from a geode which causes you to open up your consciousness while its purple color helps you see beyond your everyday understandings. Labradorite, another powerful crystal, is the stone of transformation. It can help deflect unwanted energies and holds esoteric knowledge, opening the third eye and strengthening your psychic abilities. Having these crystals in the room or in your possession, can remind you of your quest for spiritual growth and ascension.

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