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Bloodline defines who we are and can not be mistaken for other characteristics.

Purification as we discussed a couple of days ago brings us in connection to karmic relations and sound reincarnations for full Service. One ( you ) has to service the human, animal, vegetation, and mineral kingdoms. In servicing, [ We are practicing compassion ] and empathy in unselfish acts. We are now not exercising greed and ill will. In service, we promote the welfare of others at our own expense.

Universal service means helping and not hurting humans, animals, vegetables, and minerals. There is consciousness in each of these kingdoms. Mineral has the smallest and human has the largest. Humans are the only ones that have individual souls. Animals, vegetation, and minerals have group souls. When it comes to service we have to start with our human race.

The first area of work must be our immediate family. If we are married with children that should be our first port of call. If one is unmarried then it has to be one’s parents and siblings. Charity and duty must begin at home. Not only do we have to provide food, accommodation, and clothing to our nuclear family; we also have to ensure their peace of mind. And ensuring their security and safety does this. But the most vital assurance of confidence we can give them is being there to advise and counsel them whenever they need it. Some parents pour money and luxuries down their throats, but when it comes to giving them a few minutes of their time they cannot spare the time. Parents should be available for help when urgently required. But, of course, the children should be understanding and catch the parent only after working hours, unless it is most urgent. This applies to our parents as well. Whenever a parent needs us urgently we have to make ourselves available straightaway. This is because if our parents did not agree in the spirit world to have us as their children we would not be reborn to practice the spiritual path. Our debt to them is huge. Buddha said that if one carries a parent on one’s shoulders and walks around the world with the parent, one still would not have paid back one’s debt to the parent. Normally a parent would not bother an offspring unless the parent is really in need of help anyway.

You may refer back to our discussion segment in karma. Beyond the nuclear family, close and distant relatives come next. Try and service them when help is needed. After this, we enlarge our circle to close friends and work colleagues. From here onwards we have to look after our underlings and those who work for/with us, e.g. maids, etc. A little about my family. The servants give up their own homes and families to look after us. The least we could do is to take care of them as if they are part of our own families. Yes in my family we had this, these wonderful people truly have an unconditional love set within them. They did their work as details as you would vision. However when it came to dinner, They! Were Not Allowed to cook. My Oma ( grandmother ) prepped and cooked the meals for everyone including the servant staff. They would eat at the table(s) with the entire family! When they are sick, we should send them to see their doctors and pay their medical fees. If they have problems in their homes we should allow them to return to their families. Now when working, to be assisted is by/for strangers, when you assist a stranger do not be surprised by unexpected karmic kickbacks. However, one may also be cheated every now and then. So what? You probably owe them anyway!? Something to ponder...

As humans, we have to maintain a compassionate attitude and behavior toward ourselves, other humans, animals, vegetation, and minerals. These should not be abused and should be treated with tender care and love. Our treatment of them should not be inferior to that of all.


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