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Updated: May 2, 2023

Let’s reflect from yesterday’s everyday reincarnation/karmic chart we create and adjust daily. Incarnation is Solely for Spiritual Growth. Learning to build our G plan. So let’s breakdown to the technicals so we can build our positive successes which in return provides the truthful image you vision for a beautiful life. Here on earth or any other planet for that matter. Those who astral, this will be a great visual kickstart for you 😊

The purpose of every incarnation is for spiritual growth and increasing of our vibrations. The methods used are essentially three-pronged (1) purification

(2) service and

(3) acquisition of love and wisdom.

Examining how we reach Purification within ourselves.

We try to reduce our foibles, negative tendencies, bad habits and characteristics. These are generally categorised as

(1) Craving, (2) Ill will, (3) Selfishness, (4) Pride and (5) Ignorance.

1) Craving. This generally embraces (a) desire, (b) lust, (c) greed and (d) covetousness. The attrition of these traits and foibles is slow. It is easier if one has the wisdom to let go. The wisdom entailed is to realise that our life is of limited duration, and every one has to die one day. The only question is ‘when’. This ‘when’ is part of our G-plan. Besides this finality of death, we must also realise that we cannot take anything along with us when we go to the spirit world. So we delude ourselves by saying that we are accumulating for our children and not for ourselves. We are lying to ourselves and to others. Besides our children have their own karma and G-plan, and what we give them may be squandered in one month or a year. Similarly we cannot take our "name" or status with us. Even if a statue is erected in commemoration of our earthly achievements, the memory of our good deeds will be erased from the mind of the general public in no time.

2) Ill Will. Ill will includes (a) envy, (b) jealousy, (c) anger, (d) hatred, (e) irritability, (f) resentment and (g) depression. These negative traits represent self-poison. Every time we are angry or jealous we are the ones that suffer. Every burst of anger is equivalent to a spoonful of poison. We hurt ourselves. Anger against the self becomes depression. None of these traits give us pleasure. Negative karma is earned at the same time. This is the worst foible to have. We brought most of the ill will with us from our past lives.

3) Selfishness. Whatever we do, say or think is normally for one’s own self or one’s immediate family. That means altruism and compassion are not a daily function of our life. We must possess the opposite trait, selflessness, in order to serve others. Yet again, selfishness generates negative karma. Family selfishness gives rise to rivalry and animosity, whilst national selfishness leads to war.

4) Pride. We are proud of many things: our nationality, colour of our skin, place of birth, intellect and education. We boast of our wealth, the fame of our families and the positions we hold in our jobs. We are proud of our physique and our good looks and our eloquence. We like to hear complementary statements of ourselves e.g. our I.Q. and our humility. We like to tell people how pure and spiritual we are and that we are on the spiritual path. All these boasting and accreditation are merely boosting of our ego, which is like inflating of a balloon. This balloon must inevitably burst.

5) Ignorance. Ignorance includes delusion, illusion, wrong views and doctrines about spiritual paths. Most religions have been teaching wrong beliefs especially of life after death. The concept of God and soul is also wrongly taught. The teaching of hell and heaven cannot be further from the truth. Karma and reincarnation are poorly taught or not taught at all. If you watched the video I posted earlier today of Tom McDonald, that is exactly what Reincarnation and Karma is about and the cause and affect it has now and leads to your next reincarnate. It is also false belief that humans will ever reincarnate as animals. We falsely believe that if we scrupulously learned the religious texts and adorned a robe or religious garb, we are spiritual. By going to church every Sunday, we can be looked upon as pure and clean. If we can quote chapter and verse of Buddhist, Hindu and Christian texts, we can be deemed to be holy. This is so because we can hide our true intentions, and nobody can read our minds as in the spirit world. Ignorance can only be replaced by wisdom. And wisdom can only be gained by eradication of greed, ill will, selfishness and pride.

Therefore one can see what a tall order it is to overcome the above 5 poisons. It cannot be done in one life. It requires many incarnations, and the number of incarnations is dependent on how diligent one is in each life. For some of us thousands of incarnations are required for this purification. The earliest incarnations do not warrant a G-plan, because as primitive people we are not aware of the existence of cause and effect. These primitive people belong to population I, which has a short intermission period in the spirit world of between 5 to 16 years only. Most of you reading this post are in population II. Those in population II normally spend more than 100 to 200 years in the intermission period. Of course the very developed beings in population III with intermission periods of more than 230 years can also come down as early as 15 years to complete their projects on earth.

This will help tonight’s thoughts when you meditate or in prayer.

Tomorrow we’ll touch on our service, Love and wisdom. Then we’ll be ready to conduct our G plan 🤗


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