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5207418 manifest money Grabovoi


The Grabovoi codes were developed by the Russian psychic Grigori Grabovoi using his Radionic machine to heal various health ailments, love life, and financial problems.


Grigori Grabovoi – tips on how to use the numerical sequence Concentration on number sequence

  • Focus on numbers, just look at a sequence. If there are several sequences, focus on one at a time.

  • It is also good to memorize the sequence of numbers so that you can focus at any time.

  • or write it on a piece of paper several times or you can write on your body

  • you can also recite the numbers or sing. Always do it number by Number.

  • Example: 48154211 ( four, eight, one, five, four, two, one, one)

  • imagine the numerical sequence in 3 D and preferably in the pure white silvery color.

  • See the numbers in the space in front of you or just say if you can’t see: The numbers are

  • in front of me in pure white silvery light. Make them dance towards you feel happy as

  • each number is getting absorbed by your entire body. You can also imagine the figures in a sphere/ball. Place the numbers in a transparent pure white silvery sphere and send the sphere to the part of your body you wish to heal.

  • imagine the numerical sequence on your head and then falling down On you like the rain.

  • You can write mentally on a cloud. This Way of concentration is very good because here you are focused on Numerical sequence and in remote areas of conscience at the same time. Focusing on remote areas of consciousness the results can be achieved Even faster. Focus, for example: On a Cloud, Moon, Sun, other planets, the infinite… Also very good:

  • if you write numbers on a piece of paper, put it on the glass with water for a few minutes. You can also write on the bottle and then drink.

  • you can keep your numbers in your jacket pocket, in your purse, etc. Always take the numbers with you

  • write and stick the numbers around your home, office, car, use several pieces of paper

  • write the numbers on the paper and put them under the pillow or bed, letting them ‘ work during the night.

  • write the numbers on a sheet of paper along with the more positive Formulation of their objectives. Take this paper always with you

Note this:

  1. Look at the number sequence, pronounce each number mentally or aloud. Say the whole number sequence number by number 3-4 times minimum. Use your inner guidance ask how long you should do this.

  2. If you are using the sequence with gaps, then do the above first, and while in the gap imagine yourself inside the silvery/white sphere smiling, feeling happy…. Observe your body are there any sensations then continue after the gap with the next number sequence as mentioned above.

  3. if you wish you can write on your skin where it hurts

  4. Always Visualize just the perfect result.

  5. Everything is in the norm as intended originally by the Creator. See yourself looking perfect feel Good. You are in Harmony with the world

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