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22% off 2/22/22

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn, 225 years ago, a different declaration of independence was brought to the public, marked as July 4, 1776. In declaring the sovereignty of the American colonies from Great Britain, the founding fathers believed themselves to be in pursuit of freedom. Capricorn is all about the attainment and retention of power, and with Pluto flipping the script, the underdogs often become the overlords. In February 2022, Pluto will complete its first revolution in the chart of the United States of America. The narrative of this country is inverting, leading to a new beginning or a final end.

source: (they have a somewhat "woke" interpretation of the changes that should happen.)

There is a lot of turmoil presently and I'm not gonna make any predictions except that it's alway advisible to

Some of the balls in play:

  • Putin has made a move on the chessboard, surprising and unbalancing his adversaries

  • People are out on the streets all over the world demonstrating for freedom

  • The WEF tyranny faction has singalled retreat and attack at the same time, scrapping many COVID plans but clamping down on the Truckers in Ottawa with bizarre overreach

  • More and more "normies" are seeing the tyrannical nature of the permanent political class.

We remain optimistic, what else is there to do?

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