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As I post this I am shaking because I don't post things like this normally.

This 11:11 portal is very expansive if you are expansive beyond all the conditioning and beliefs of the simulation we live in. It is an opportunity to birth a whole knew way of being and a whole new way of creating. I am seeing it not just with myself but all those I surround myself with energetically and physically. YOUR energy and your expansive creativity beyond your beliefs are the KEY  through this portal . 

Everyone has access to this once they open their hearts and stop resisting what is trying to come through them and start following their inner GUIDE

. YOU reading this post are a part of this portal because you know there is so much more than you have been told and so much more than the programs you have been running through you. Take a leap of faith beyond what you have ever done before and know you are in the field of unlimited  creative potential and are fully supported.

I love you! I invite you to consider to be open and ready for any miracles that come your way! Maria Zen Zucchero

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